Find drug-free, non-invasive relief from pain, poor circulation and muscle spasm with Anodyne Therapy.

About Anodyne Therapy

The Anodyne Therapy System is a FDA cleared, non-invasive medical device. This system emits monochromatic infrared light, providing an effective treatment for pain, poor circulation and muscle spasm caused by a range of factors including acute injuries, chemotherapy, diabetes and vascular disease.

Anodyne Therapy provides significant symptomatic relief throughout treatment while, due to its topical application, avoiding systemic side effects.

Healthcare professionals working in over 6,000 organizations use Anodyne Therapy as an effective, non-invasive treatment approach for their patients. These organizations include the U. S. military, professional sports teams, home care agencies and outpatient centers.

Clinically Proven Results

Treatment with Anodyne Therapy has the potential for both therapeutic and prophylactic utility, with positive results becoming evident after several treatments of 30-40 minutes duration.

18 studies (involving over 5,000 patients) have been published in peer reviewed journals noting significant objective improvements across various endpoints such as:

  • 67% mean reduction in lower extremity pain

  • Pain medication elimination or reduction for 51% of subjects

  • 49% reduction in pain levels for subjects with horrible to excruciating pain (vas 8.5-10)

  • 91% of subjects sustained pain relief over 12 months of continuous use

  • 90% of subjects with muscle spasm experienced "total relief" within 12 treatments

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